Zydre Ovsiukaite様インタビュー (プロフェッショナルステージ ・グランプリ総務大臣賞)

Competition experience

I participated in the 7th Aoniyoshi International music competition. As for my knowledge, it was the second year since the competition was open for the international participants. There was all the necessary information in English and the competition organizer was always very helpful to answer me any questions I had.

The Jury of the competition was formed with international musicians and the selection of participants in the preliminary round and later in the final round was very clear and oriented to a very transparent manner. As well, what is really important, in my opinion, that after every round I was able to get the Jury’s comments about the performance.

As the Grand Prix winner of the Aoniyoshi 7th international competition I got the opportunity to perform a solo piece with Japan Century orchestra. I think it’s a very stimulating prize – goal for young musicians.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the scheduled concert with the Japan Century Orchestra had to be postponed (as well as the 2020 8th Aoniyoshi IMC), but hopefully 2021 will be a year without any cancellations/ or postponements and we’ll be able to share and enjoy music freely.

My wish for the Aoniyoshi competition is to grow and to be a center where young musicians can make a starting point and get a great new experience.

For the last note, I would like to mention that the Aoniyoshi competition is being held in the beautiful Nara city, where after the performance I had a pleasure to meet the local deers and enjoy the old architectural heritage.

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